Zodiac Impex is a leader in Canada when it comes to international shipping services. We offer in-depth ocean freight solutions to companies that need to ship extensive cargos to other parts of the world. No matter whether you have a large or a small cargo, you can rely on our expert services to transport all of your goods safely.

As a reputable sea freight shipping company, we understand that one of the first things that you look for when you are choosing a cargo delivery firm is reliability and security. We always make use of the best practices when it comes to shipping any kind of cargo and we also offer you real time tracking solutions to keep you updated about the status of your cargo deliveries. So if you are hiring us for your Vietnam cargo freight deliveries, you can track our ships from the very moment they leave the dock for the destination port. We also offer freight insurance to cover all of your goods so that if any kind of unforeseen accident takes place, then your losses are perfectly covered. This makes us a highly reliable service provider when it comes to Vietnam cargo delivery.

Apart from providing fast shipping services that saves your time and is good for your business, we also offer logistics and consulting services that in turn enables you to choose the best custom service plans for your specific needs. When you contact us with your Vietnam freight delivery needs, we will consider the size, type and quantity of your cargo and provide you with custom cargo consulting solutions that will be best for your business. With our support, you will be certainly able to augment your business potential in international business within no time.

Hence do not hesitate to contact us for the best expertise in freight logistics.