Zodiac Impex is one of the most formidable companies in Canada when it comes to freight shipping. We have been offering customized cargo shipping solutions to various business owners operating in different parts of the world. With our extensive carrier connections in various parts of Asia such as Thailand, we can deliver a wide range of cargo items at the shortest possible time and also provide our clients with the most reliable tracking services that allow them to know the status of their deliveries in real time.

While our crew members have already attained quite a milestone with their ground cargo transportation services, it is their skills at handling international cargo shipping that deserves special mention. Over the years, Thailand has emerged as one of the leading business centers in the Asian zone and many international companies have got their centers there or have business dealings with partner companies. Hence they often need to transport different types of cargo items on ships to the ports in Thailand. So if you are in need of custom cargo shipping services that can take your goods across international waters with maximum safety, then it is us at Zodiac Impex you should be getting in touch with.

We not only offer you international shipping services but we also present you with reliable tracking services that allow you to know the real time status of your cargo delivery. Our state of the art logistics services have already helped countless businesses to reach the zenith of success and can do the same for you as well. Simply let us know your requirements and we will create a specific cargo transportation and delivery plan for you. From the moment of cargo pickup to the final delivery, you can only expect the highest level of professionalism from our crew personnel.