South America

Do you want the precious cargo of your business delivered in South America? Then we at Zodiac Impex can surely help you with your needs. We are a highly reputable cargo shipping and courier services provider in Canada. Our services are used regularly by various business firms needing to have their goods and packages delivered to various destinations in different parts of the world. We excel at offering punctual and cost effective delivery services that can be a major benefit to any company. So when you need delivering cargo North America to South America, simply rely on us for the best services.

As a major logistics and shipping firm, we can offer goods transportation specific to industry which in turn can help our customers to enhance their market prospects. We also excel at handling time and temperature sensitive air cargo and make sure that they are transported to the predefined destination in time. So whether you want us to carry your animal cargo or pharmaceutical cargo, we can do that with equal ease and proficiency. We also regularly handle projects that involve vehicle shipping from Canada to other parts of the country and South America. So if you are an automobile company looking to transport small or large vehicles, we can do that for you as well.

Being one of the most well known forwarding agent Canada, we are very well acquainted with the challenges that are common in the goods carriage and freight industry. This allows us to constantly update our services to perform better and stay on top. With our help, you can expand your market prospects to a great deal and solidify your position for the future. So do not hesitate to give us a call and discuss your cargo delivery requirements with us at your convenience.

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